11 Silver Linings of Quarantine

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  1. My roommates and I have been CRUSHING house and yard work. I mean if your house isn’t spotless by the end of this, there’s not much hope for ya.
  2. Being outside more. Since my gym closed, I’ve had to run more and workout in outdoor parks, playgrounds, etc.
  3. Learned how to make my own coffee. Also realized how much money I could have saved by doing this instead of coffee shops and now I regret EVERYTHING.
  4. Related: Making my own food instead of eating out. Also saving money and now I regret EVERYTHING and then some.
  5. Being more creative than usual. The mindset is strange, but I have reacted to the lockdown by forcing myself to be useful, so a good amount of production has resulted.
  6. Hanging with my roomies and getting to know them better. I really love these guys.
  7. We started a puzzle. Don’t worry, we haven’t finished it yet — we’re not THAT crazy.
  8. Honing my ability to judge the outside world from afar. I mean look at those fools, hoarding and fighting and panicking.
  9. Making new friends. Just because my roommates claim they can’t see them doesn’t mean they’re not there.
  10. Plotting with my new friends how to take out my roommates. I just hope my roommates don’t read this and catch wind of it because their night of eternal sleep is coming and it will be swift and complete, and my new friends and I will rule the house once and for all, and
  11. Meditating. Learning to love the peace and quiet.


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