8 Objects That Make a Woman More Intimidating

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  1. Those stylish ankle boots which hit the market several years ago and don’t appear to be fading out of style any time soon. Just walk all over me with them.
  2. A nice car. I guess this one could go both ways, but since mine isn’t that nice…you know.
  3. Those mom-style jeans with the frayed bottoms. I guess you could say that any article of clothing that’s presently in vogue, but these are especially scary when executed well.
  4. Their own dog. Not a cat, a dog.
  5. A gym membership. Perhaps less scary to me, since I also own one, but the implications of going to the gym mean she is particularly fierce.
  6. Books. Because if you see someone reading a book in public, you’d rather wet your pants a little than approach them for a chat because they are clearly superior to you in every way, including (but not limited to) sophistication, intellect, class, coolness, literateness, and having enough brazen confidence that they’d go to a public place and read a paper book like a Greek Aphrodite with the brains of Tina Fey and the posture of Audrey Hepburn.
  7. A gentle heart and caring soul. Because that’s the most important piece of any human.
  8. A diamond ring. For obvious reasons.


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