9 Tiny things people said that have always stuck with me

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I’m sure we all have things like this: someone made an off-handed comment, maybe without even thinking about it fully, and we tucked them away into our mental pockets of truth. The person involved probably doesn’t even remember saying it, yet these phrases have been parked away inside my truth hangar for years, sometimes decades.

  1. “Today is the day you get sunburnt and don’t even realize it,” my uncle said on a mostly overcast day on the New Jersey shore.
  2. “Real runners’ muscles should burn out before their lungs,” Dave condescended to me when I was out of breath on a jog.
  3. “Don’t say in e-mails. It makes you look desperate,” instructed one of my college professors.
  4. “I got out of the shower and shaped my hair like this while it was wet and it stayed; you don’t need gel!” exclaimed this guy from New Jersey who was visiting Cape Cod for a month.
  5. “Girls like guys who are in their drug-skinny emo phase. We lose interest when they get healthy and look normal,” explained a college girl when I was just in high school.
  6. “If you accelerate that fast, you’ll burn half your gas tank,” my grandpa told me after peeling out after a red light.
  7. “I tuck my shirt in because no one else is doing it. When everyone else tucks theirs in, I won’t,” slurred this super cool hipster dude in church with a tucked-in shirt.
  8. “Remember: no tongue on the first date,” said my dad but I’m pretty sure he was joking.
  9. “I’m learning that it’s okay to be broken, that you can still be loved that way,” said a guy on the bus when I casually asked him how his week was going.


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