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This past weekend in church, a video was shown to the congregation and by the end of it, not an eye in the auditorium was left dry. In the video, a woman in her early 30’s was sharing the story of the past 5 years in her life. She was diagnosed with breast cancer, and after a year of struggling with it, was in remission. Some time later, however, it returned and not just to her breasts — but to her bones and blood as well. …

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A while ago, I wrote a post called “How To Get Over Anyone.” I believed all the advice I wrote in it, and I still think it can be helpful. I think it will take away some of the pain but not all of it.

Unlike scars on the skin, I don’t think the pain ever really goes away when you really love someone.

There’s this idea that the pain goes away over the years, the further you get from one heartbreak or another, but I have not found that to be true. Looking back over…

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That was the last year I attended the wedding of someone older than me, and I go to tons of weddings. I’m drowning in an ocean of weddings, actually. I photograph them and am invited to them and have been in multiple bridal parties.

But they’re all for people younger than me.

I watch these young punks exchange vows and kiss and have the most romantic pictures taken of them (sometimes by me) and then we dance and I’m legitimately happy for them and I’m not jealous, not at all.

I’ve reached the age where…

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I used to think that the quiet mornings when I woke up into the silence of a new day was wasted time. That the afternoons where I munched on cold cereal at home while reading comic books were just filler hours for the real highlights of my saga; my real life.

Now I see that they are all part of the same intricate tapestry which is, existence. It’s less of a series of good moments and bad ones — or exciting moments vs. dull ones — and more of a holistic artwork. A masterpiece.

It will…

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Last night one of my friends announced that he was about to drop between 3 and 4 grand on an engagement ring for his fiancee. I bit my tongue for the first few minutes as he discussed it with my other friends, but eventually the SJW-side of me won out and I couldn’t hold back my thoughts any longer.

Let’s start with the basics of why it’s insane to spend that much money on an item that fits in your nostril:

-It’s smaller than your nose. -You could lose it SO easily. -What does something so…

The new book is OUT NOW!

It’s presently #2 on Amazon, but let’s get it to number one!!

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I am so excited to share this with you. It’s been over a year of perfecting it and getting it JUST right for y’all. But don’t listen to me, listen to reviews from my friends:

“UGH i am enjoying this immensely. It made me laugh out loud.”

“Really good. Not much to say, just that I really enjoyed it.”

“I’m crying right now.”

And YOU can enter to win it for FREE!

Just go to this video on Facebook or this one on Instagram and tag 3 friends and/or share it! Make sure I…

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A sneak peek of my book in progress, A Series of Precarious Balances.

Every human is daily faced with decisions between two (or more) options. Some are smaller choices like where to eat lunch, or what podcast to play. But others are much larger; they are decisions we will adhere ourselves to for months, years, or our entire lives.

Will you be a Democrat or Republican?
Will you marry this woman, that one, or remain single?
Will you be a Christian or Atheist?

These are not small decisions, and where we land on each one will determine a lot about…

Last night I was sitting on a park bench with a woman and we had tumbled deep into a good conversation. We reached a moment of silence and stared at the lake when she asked, “What’s your biggest fear?”

I paused for a moment to think.

“Existential or terrestrial?” I asked. She obviously had no idea what I meat, so I elaborated. “Like, in a deep, spiritual way, or like spiders?”

“Just whatever comes to your mind first when I ask that.”

“Well then, deep and violent water and the creatures of the deep. I’m terrified of them but I’m…

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The well is deep, where can I get living water?
-John 4, Silent Planet translation

If you’ve read anything I’ve ever written in the past five years, you know that I’m painfully aware of my own mortality and the imminent death which is coming for each of us. I’ve ruminated on its finality and the ubiquity of it.

Even this morning, I was catching up on the newest releases in heavy metal and found this song released by The Ghost Inside which is a reflection on the death of one of their friends to a bus crash. As you’ll see…

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A reader wanted to ask me the following questions about writing, travel, motivation, and more, so I decided to set time aside and give them thoughtful answers. As I was going through, I thought they would be fun enough to publish as a blog (or Myspace) post! Enjoy!

1. Why did you start your blog? My friend gave me for my 18th birthday and it has been a slow evolution to what it is today. I began writing seriously on it in 2012, whenever I felt inspired. I began writing weekly after the viral video in 2015, and now…

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