How I Made 71 Cents Writing on Medium

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I know you’re probably as tired as I am of seeing posts about how to make money by writing. I get it.

But this one really works! Believe it or not, I checked my email a few days ago and had one from Medium. The subject line promised to tell me how much I made the past month just by writing for Medium, and it did not disappoint.

I opened up the message and neatly laid out for me was my earnings report. I skimmed the writing and bla bla bla to jump down to the goods: The grand earnings total.

And there is was in black and white: $0.71.

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I couldn’t believe it! I had finally made money working as a writer! The dream I’ve had since undergrad had finally been realized, and now I want to share with you what I’ve learned and how I got here.

Don’t Give Up.

I have made a pledge to myself to write every single day for a month. Today is day 23, and as you can see, it is already paying off.

I used to think guys like Tai Lopez who flexed their massive garages packed with Lambos were full of crock, but they turned out to be right. Stick with something every day, don’t give up, and you too can be riding high on the 71 cents you rake in from Medium

Baby Steps.

I was fortunate enough to jump right up to 71 cents my first month on here. You may not be so lucky. You may start with 1 or 2 cents and have to be patient. You may not even make any cents your first year! Keep at it to work your way up to a 71 cent month.

I don’t know why I happened to have a stroke of luck and land among Medium’s top earners, but don’t let my success discourage you. Just keep working at it and you’ll get here too.

Take Time to Enjoy Your Earnings

I know Gary V and Tim Ferriss would frown on this part, but it’s not all about the hustle. My life is not work work work with no play.

I have to remind myself to take time away from writing and get out and enjoy my $0.71, otherwise, what am I working for?

I hope these tips help as you begin your Medium journey. Don’t be discouraged by the setbacks! Soon you’ll be here with me, enjoying your 71 cents.


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