I’m done with the clickbait on Medium

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When the article misses it by THAT much…

Perhaps more than any other website I’ve ever seen, Medium is riddled with articles claiming to have the magic bullet to cure your life of x, or explain why your dating life is y, or simplify the world’s problem with z down into a 1,000-word explainer.

Everyone on Medium seems to have the key to understanding questions no one has ever asked.

“Why are Latinos always racist toward secondhand vegetables?”

“I need 19 ways to make my barista fall in love with me.”

“How do I make 7 figures in 3 days while hiking the Himalayas?”

I’ve certainly been of overpromising my own writing and underdelivering on the quality.

So over the past few months of growing weary with Medium’s clickbait culture, I have made two resolutions:

  1. I will not intentionally make titles which seem to overpromise on any given topic. I will avoid formulating a title purely to drive clicks in lieu of a quality, well-written article on a worthwhile subject. I enjoy writing, and anyone who reads what I write will likely do so because they like my style, my topics, or my consistency; not because I can come up with the most attention-grabbing titles. I will let the quality of my work stand on its own. I hope that in time, this will prove to be a more sturdy foundation than quick, cutting-edge titles.
  2. I have made a habit of reading at least 1 article per day (in addition to my book reading), and I will no longer click on titles that appear to be clickbaity. If the title seems too good to be true, it probably is. In most lists of “5 Things you won’t believe!” you can probably guess 4 of them. Clickbait wastes people’s time and in a way, becomes an insult to the reader’s intelligence. I don’t want to waste more of my time, so as best as I can tell, I’ll skip over the clickbait and aim for articles which seem to have straightforward, honest titles.

So that’s it.

Am I basically just ranting against how clickbaity this site has become? Yes. But nevertheless, here are my two cents.


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