My life story in 500 words

For today’s blog post, I decided to just use a bio I had to write for a job application. #NoTime

I was born in Denver, Colorado in 1991. My dad had just become the associate pastor of Centennial Community Church (now called Waterstone Community Church), and he has been a pastor ever since. In 2003 we moved to Cape Cod Massachusetts because he accepted a job as a senior pastor there at a smaller Baptist church. After 4 and a half years, my parents decided Colorado was their home, so we moved back halfway through my junior year of high school. I graduated from Front Range Christian School in Littleton, then decided to move back to Cape Cod because my high school friends were all there.

My first year of community college there was fun but often lonely, and I decided to join the missions organization Youth With A Mission (YWAM) in the summer of 2010. I started my first school with them in Australia, then went to Thailand and India for our outreach. It was in Thailand I witnessed my first verifiable supernatural miracle (a demon possessed man being freed) which was a major milestone in my personal faith. When I came back to Colorado after YWAM, I connected with the Denver base and worked with their homeless ministry for the following year. I was also the volunteer youth pastor at my small church, and earned my Associates in English from Arapahoe Community College. The summer of 2011 I went to Brazil with another missions organization called Promife, doing outreach to rural communities.

In January 2012, I moved to Boston to work with the YWAM Boston base, where I served for several months before answering a call from another friend in YWAM to start an organization in Nigeria. We made several trips there to start the ministry and build relationships with local Nigerian pastors, all of which led up to a massive outreach in which thousands of Nigerians accepted Jesus after hearing the gospel for the first time.

From there I went to Moody Bible Institute in the fall of 2012. While there, I started a ministry called Free Prayer which reached people in bars and clubs on the weekends. Initially, this ministry was rejected by Moody for being too dangerous for students. Now, they list it in their newsletter as one of the most effective student-led ministries. I graduated MBI in the summer of 2015 with a BA in Biblical Studies and returned to Colorado to work and pay off my small debts.

In December 2015, I became internet famous after a news interview of me went viral. I received invitations from publicists and agents in Los Angeles to move out there, so I did. After the fame died down, I moved back to Colorado and began writing my second book, The New Lonely, which would become a #1 best-seller on Amazon. I also became the youth pastor at a small church in Littleton called Foothills Fellowship. I stayed there from 2016–2018 and also began attending Denver Seminary during that time. In 2018, I received an offer to move to Guatemala and work as a middle school teacher there, so I accepted and went in the summer of 2018. I worked there one school year, but decided to return to the States for health reasons.

In the past 6 months, I published my 5th book, spoke at numerous conferences and churches, became a chaplain at a nursing home, returned to seminary, and am finally feeling healthier and ready to work again!

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