No such thing as a ‘filler minute’

Earlier today I spoke at my first funeral. As the chaplain of a nursing home, I imagine this may become a more regular thing for me.

One thing I did as I eulogized Jack was add up how many minutes he lived. It was 36 million and change. Looking at such a finite number of minutes really made it sink it for me: Just as Jack had 36 million minutes to fill, I also have a number. It is fixed. Someday someone may calculate it all and examine how many minutes I had to fill and reflect on how I filled them.

It’s one thing to ask the question: Are you using your minutes for good or for evil? However, I think a more relevant question is, Are you making your minutes matter or are you wasting them?

As a result, I impulsively bought a flight to Chicago then Guatemala, so.

I don’t really know how you make your minutes matter, but I know how you don’t: Porn, Netflix, TV, aimless phone scrolling, etc.


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