One perk of being single

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I’m on this quick flight from Vegas to Denver and am seated next to this sweet old couple. Yes, I snapped a creepy picture of them.

She has a thick Eastern European accent but speaks in English. The man hasn’t said a word.

She keeps aiming her twisted knuckles out the window and talking about the desert. Not only does he listen intently, but he leans out of his seat to see what she’s pointing at.

It makes me think of this girl I can’t seem to stop thinking about. It reminds me of the way she pointed at things and how her first knuckle could bend all by itself — that rare genetic quirk. It makes me wonder if someday it’ll be her grizzled fingers pointing out of windows at things and commenting on them as we fly through the friendly skies.

And when we’re all done, and when our bodies lie beside one another thrusting daisies from the soil, will we have pointed at enough interesting things? Will we have seen enough and commented on it, or will there be a lot we’ve missed?

This side of middle age, I know there is much to point at and see. I know there are songs I haven’t heard yet and flavors I have yet to taste.

As a single man, I keep wondering whose fingers will point out the window while I lean over to see. What will her eyes see, and more importantly, how will they see the world? Will they watch with a fresh curiosity, or a bland boredom? The couple beside me has seen many more days than me, yet their eyes apparently haven’t yet tired of looking at the world.

Who you sit beside is important.

Not just for one flight, but for every flight.

Not just for one meal, but for every meal.

Not just when pointing at one thing, but everything.

One perk of singleness people don’t often talk about is the thrill of curiosity. We get to wonder — unlike married folks — what our spouse will be like. What will she look like? What nationality and ethnicity will she be? More importantly, what is she interested in and what does she love to do? (I don’t need to worry about her character, integrity or faith, as those things will be assumed…)

We all know people who seem locked into their marriages the way a fox is locked in a trap. I’ve seen people dragging their families around Vegas like a one ton backpack. I have friends who jumped in too early, and others who dove into marriage like a refreshing pool of water.

We single people aren’t locked in to anything and therefore have the world of possibilities to consider.

It’s exciting.

I’m excited to be ancient and seated next to my woman as she points at stuff. I don’t know who she is, what she looks like, or how she smells, but that’s ok. All that knowledge will come in time and for now I simply get to dwell in the thrill of curiosity.


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